Ver. 1

General rules

1-1 Exploit and hacking
Do not modify your game with modifications that give you a greater advantage over other users.
1-2 Anti-AFK machines
The creation of anti-AFK machines such as AFK pools is not allowed.
1-3 Lag machines

The creation of machines that are only made to lag the server is not allowed.
1-4 Racism and harrasment
Any form of racism, harassment or hate speech is strictly forbidden.
1-5 Advertisement
Advertisement of anything else than Towny Rural related things is not allowed.
– Towny Rural related things can be forum posts
1-6 Impersonation of staff and other users
Any type of impersonation of staff or other users is strictly forbidden.
1-7 Scamming
Any type of scamming is disallowed. But we cannot deal with out-of-server scamming. These are incidents with real money and such.
1-8 Real transactions
Selling anything from the server for real money is strictly forbidden.
1-9 Drama
Drama or arguing should be kept from global chat. You can message other people online via. /msg {user} {msg}, the forum or the discord server.
1-10 Alts
Alts are not allowed on this server, at all.

Towny rules

2-1 Town lawmaking
If you are making your own town laws, then you have to remember that they must follow the server rules.
2-2 Claim blocking
Claiming around towns for no real reasons that blocking that own to expand is strictly forbidden.
2-3 Building outside towns
If you plan on building something outside of a town you are not a citizen of, then you have to keep a 5 chunk distance between your chunk and the closest claimed chunk.
2-4 Griefing
Griefing inside of towns is not allowed. This is true even if you are a normal citizen or a ranked one.
2-5 Give a warning
Before kicking or evicting residents from your town, you will have to send them a mail (via. /mail send {username}) 24hrs before you evict/kick them out. After this, you can take their items from their chests. But you will need to have a good reason for this.
– Good reasons are: Inactivity and breaking town rules
2-6 Locked chests outside of towns
Any players can request a moderator or admin to come and open the chests. A moderator/an admin can unlock chests at any point.

Staff rules
No shame in reporting a staff member!

3-1 Abuse
Abuse of your staff powers is strictly prohibited.
3-2 Breaking server rules
If you are seen breaking any of the server rules, then strict punishments will be given.

More staff rules are being created.

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